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Reusable New England (RNE) is a coalition of people and organizations with the shared goal of reducing New England’s waste.


RNE seeks to build a future with a resilient and healthy population and planet through the promotion and development of successful reuse programs, reduction strategies, and circular economies.


We support initiatives and policies throughout New England that address our urgent need to shift away from a linear, take, make, waste economy by:

  1. Promoting the innovation, growth, and adoption of reuse technologies and systems

  2. Driving bold, swift, yet thoughtful, action in our communities, businesses, and governments

  3. Leveraging the existing strengths in our network to educate our community and decision-makers

  4. Making our efforts and sources transparent, as to set an example for others and instill trust in all partnership

  5. Valuing sustainability, both in the solutions we support and the reuse movement itself

  6. Centering equity, justice, and inclusion as we work with and are led by frontline communities and ensure solutions are accessible to all.

Recycling Bottles

Organization Committee


Lauren Fernandez

Conservation Law Foundation


Petros Palandjian

Good Filling


Nancy Downes




Upstream Solutions

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